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For ALL Women involved in the Trucking Industry.... drivers, wives, girlfriends, significant others, mothers,'re all welcome & appreciated here.


Let's share our experiences driving trucks, living with, loving and waiting on truck drivers and living and working in a "male's" world.

We probably have more in common than you'd believe!Dynamite comes in small packages!


Women drivers may only account for 5% of the nation's drivers, but dynamite does come in small packages!


If we include ALL the women involved, but perhaps behind the scenes (at home in support of a driver,) our numbers are LARGE ... why not learn from one another?  There's no reason to feel all alone out there... because you're not!


Do you love a soon-to-be truck driver?


It certainly isn't easy to be the one at home.  Are you going to be able to be supportive of the new career choice?  Make sure you know what you're getting into and what to expect of it...


**How does it feel to be the wife/significant other?

**You MUST consider these things...



Do you want to be a truck driver?


This is not the easiest career choice you could make!  The rewards are like none other, but there are obstacles to overcome as well.. The best defense is a good offense, so be sure you know what you're getting into...


**You MUST consider these things...

**YOUR ability earns THEIR respect.



Please Note!~ will soon again be online... When it is back, I will post a link on this page.


Due to some major difficulties, this section of the site is requiring much work.  Please be patient!  The webmaster of this site, as well as, is an over the road driver (no surprise, I'll bet!) and updates and responses will take time.  Thank You!


Can you be a lady and a truck driver, too?  You'd better believe it!!!!


You'd better believe it!





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Treat other motorists as if their car carries your family... Isn't that the way you would want other

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