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Tax Deductible Items

From:  "Driver's ABC's - Surviving the First Year".


There are a lot of things you can deduct if you use them as you function in (of) your job. There is a lot of money to be saved here! Make sure to keep your receipts!!! It is also advisable that you get a tax preparer who specifically knows Truck Driver's taxes. There are a lot of deductions that you don't want to miss!

You will need to save your logbooks and all other receipts for a minimum of three years after the due date of the return, or the date that you filed, whichever is later. You should probably keep these records indefinitely, though. For one, it's nearly impossible to keep too many records. Also, as time goes by, you'll be very curious how many miles you've driven. By looking through your old log books you'll be able to figure it out. You'll also have decent documentation of miles driven in case a company you've worked for goes out of business.

At the end of the year, if your company doesn't pay the Per Diem, you'll have to figure out how many nights you spent away from home during the year. You'll need your old logbooks to determine this.

The following is a list of the more commonly deductible items for OTR drivers. The key is whether the item was used as you functioned in your job. There may be more items than is listed here - these are just the most common. Ask your preparer for a list if they do truck driver's taxes they should have one.

  • airfare

  • cab curtains

  • driver's license fees

  • bunjee cords

  • phone

  • tarp straps

  • air freshener

  • calculator

  • electrical tape

  • laundry bag

  • physical

  • thermals

  • armor all

  • camera

  • ether

  • laundry detergent

  • pillow

  • tissues

  • alarm clock

  • CB radio

  • fan clamps

  • load locks

  • power cord(s)

  • toiletries

  • antenna (s)

  • CB radio repairs

  • fax

  • lock

  • radio equipment

  • towels

  • atlas

  • cleaning supplies

  • film developing

  • log book cover

  • refrigerator

  • trash bags

  • batteries

  • cigarette plug ins

  • first aid supplies

  • log books

  • screwdriver/tools

  • travel bag

  • ben gay

  • clipboard

  • flashlight

  • maps

  • seat covers

  • truck wash

  • boots

  • coffee maker

  • floormats

  • paper/notebooks

  • shaving kit

  • trkr's magazines

  • boot repair

  • cooler

  • fly swatter

  • pens

  • sheets

  • watch

  • briefcase

  • copies

  • gloves

  • paper towels

  • showers

  • window screens

  • fan

  • duct tape

  • hammer

  • parking fees

  • sunglasses

  • WD-40

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