Summer 2001

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.... continued.....

I truly do not have any idea what this poor guy was wanting to do ... my only guess, and it is a long shot, is that he was trying to back onto the scale.  (Between the white curbs)  He struggled and fought and I wanted to offer to help, but in all truth, most male drivers do not take kindly to a woman asking if they need help with their truck so I just minded my own business.  (Other than shooting this photo, but I took great care to make sure that he didn't see me as I took it.) 


Later on I saw this driver again and he was hard at work attempting to fix the mud flap bracket/hanger.  It didn't look as though he would be successful considering that he bent it up pretty bad. 


I know you are wondering... did he get out and look?  No, my friends, he did not do so in time... He backed up, bent the bracket, pulled up, backed up, bent the bracket, pulled up and finally got out but it was too late.



A warning sign as you head west on I-80 down into Salt Lake City.  (Parley Summit.)


I've only made it out west twice all summer.




I doubt you would be surprised if I told you that shortly after this photo, it stormed furiously.



You just have to love Wyoming.  These shots were taken in late June on US 30 in Wyoming.  The weather started getting bad in Idaho and went downhill as I went east into Wyoming.  By the time I got back to the interstate (I-80), it was fine.  It was funny -- the drivers on I-80 were shocked at the snowy trucks heading east.  Thankfully, the temperature was hovering right around freezing so this stuff didn't cause any problems on the road.


This unfortunate driver had to be towed off the fuel line at a little truckstop in Maine.  Big truck tow trucks don't come cheap, either.


This is a student driver from a school in Maine.  He stopped here and pondered the situation.  There are trucks to his left and he isn't sure that he can get a big enough swing to make a left.  He sat here for several minutes, enabling me to get my camera, and then he decided to go for it.  His instructor must have been letting the student decide for himself. (Which is a good thing.)  The trainee eventually -- slowly -- decided to go for it.

So here he is on the approach.... (He has plenty of room -- I'd watched countless trucks make this swing -- but he didn't know for sure, so slow and easy is a very, very good plan.)

Ta Da!!!  He makes it!!  His instructor is outside now, just ahead of the truck.  His heart rate can slow down now.  Good Job, you made it.


Hello, Gateway

St Louis, MO



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