Thank you for your interest in "A Driver's Journal."  It has been a long road -- over four years worth of entries -- and I hope you can enjoy it, as well as gleam a real taste for the driver's life.


The first section, 2000-2002, is free to read.  The second section, 2003-2004 is pay to read.   I'm sorry I felt I had to go that route; however. as you will see, this journal is long, photo-intensive and was a TON of work to put together.  AND I'll never consider it done.  At any moment I may pick it back up and tell you more if you decide to spend the money to read the latter years, you will have paid for everything I ever put into it.


Section I:  2000-2002


A journal of trials & tribulations on the road....



(Please read!)


This journal is written by a female over the road driver and is intended to be a true, real world journal from a driver's perspective.  I have run 48 states with three different carriers throughout the span of this journal.  I've pulled a reefer trailer hauling mostly meat, food products and produce, as well as a curtain side flatbed. 


I returned to the road in May 2000 after an 18 (?) month long break.  I went through burnout being over the road for years and had a local job in my home town.  It hadn't taken long, however, to miss the road. 


With the job I took in 2000, I finally found a balance of trucking and home life that worked well for me.  The job I held from May 2000 until July 2003 was a bit unusual in the trucking industry, but perfectly suited for me.  I drove for one week and was then home for one week.  While I was home, another driver was out driving the truck.  After his driving week was done, I would get in the truck and go run my week.  It was something of a slip seat operation, but I only shared the truck with one other person and it was always the same person.  This job paid a salary as opposed to per-mile pay, which is also highly unusual in the OTR segment of the industry.  In July 2003 I was laid off from this fleet when the carrier terminated it.  I then went to work for what I would call a "renegade" outfit and that lasted about eight months... Probably the hardest eight months of my life.  After a meltdown with that carrier, I took a local/regional job which is unlike anything I've done before.  This is where I am right now, but no promises that this will last, either... :(


I hope you enjoy this journal, I hope you learn some things from it, and I hope you'll take that knowledge with you when it's your turn to go truckin'. 


Please feel encouraged to offer your comments, good or bad.  You'll most likely find it best to read it from the first month to the current month.  I sometimes refer to things from previous months that may not make sense if you skip ahead.


The journal pages are full of photos from the road.  This naturally makes them take longer than average to load.  Many people have emailed me to say they like the photos so I keep taking them and putting them up.  I hope you'll be patient -- I think you'll find the photos help make the journal much more interesting and understandable.



Section II: 2003 -2004






How Things Change...!


Things have changed so much that I must also alter this introduction because the former one no longer describes me or what I do accurately.


In the first part of the journal, from May of 2000 until August of 2003, I ran the East coast almost exclusively.  I ran for one week and then went home and another driver (my "partner," Tom,*) would get in the truck and run for his week.  I drove a Freightliner Century governed at 65 mph and did not often break any logbook rules.  I drove for a huge corporation that you would no doubt recognize if I told you the name.


You can throw all of that out the window now.  I now run meat and produce to the west coast as fast as I can get there and back. My "partner," Tom, also quit our previous employer and we are trying to run something similar now at our new employer, but it is none the less much different.  We are no longer on salary, but on mileage.  We run a faster truck for a tiny carrier. 


I don't know how long this particular job will last, but considering the economy's condition, it may be awhile.  I don't want to work for a carrier that will insist that I be on the road for 2 - 3 weeks at a time - been there, done that, don't want to go back!  Even carriers that get drivers home weekends don't appeal much to me.  I've served my "road time," and I now crave and need my "home time." 


I'm not sure what I'm waiting for or looking for.  I'm just taking it one day at a time and one mile at a time and I'll tell you all about what that consists of as I go.


Thanks again for your patronage.



*Name changed to protect privacy.



Have a very, very nice day out there and drive safe out there!!!










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