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The Carrier Listing is a database intended for those seeking a driving job to obtain reference information about the companies that regularly, normally or occasionally employ "trainee" drivers. This is not meant to be an endorsement of any company. 


All information has been obtained by one of several means:

  • Direct contact with the carrier, when possible.

  • Trucking publications & magazines

  • Internet (carrier's web site)

Carriers change programs, pay structures & benefits often and it is very possible that information could be out of date.

Please be sure to call the company and/or visit their web site (provided there is one) to be sure you have the "real" deal!  Drivers are often your best source for additional information and verification.

You are very strongly encouraged to verify any and all information about any carrier that you're considering applying with for employment.

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Companies interested in being listed:

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Thanks for making the job search just a little bit easier for the new driver.




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